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    Hundred years of Shanggong set sail again | The launching ceremony of the new base of SEMW was successfully held


    After a century of overcoming thorns and thorns, and a century of prosperity, the pace of SEMW forging forward has become more firm and calm!
    On the morning of the 17th, the launching ceremony of the new intelligent manufacturing base of SEMW was successfully held in the Fujin Road factory area of ??Baoshan District. Although the sky was not beautiful and the rainy day of the event was rainy, it could not stop the enthusiasm of SEMW. Chairman of?SEMW Wu Weibin, General Manager Gong Xiugang, Executive Vice President Yang Yong, Vice President of Marketing Huang Hui, Chairman of Shanghai Jinlong Co., Ltd. Chen Genlin, General Manager of Shanghai Jiajun Metal Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Wang Jiaxiang and all employees of?SEMW attended the launching ceremony. Witness the glorious set sail of the new base for intelligent manufacturing of SEMW.

    A new starting point, a new journey, and a new chapter
    Yang Yong, Executive Vice President of SEMW, presided over the ceremony and extended a warm welcome to all the guests who came to the launching ceremony, and extended sincere gratitude to all the leaders and friends from all walks of life who have been caring about and supporting the development of SEMW.
    Mr. Yang said that the thousands of rivers and mountains will not forget the way they came. One hundred years of vigorous years, at the beginning of the century, the heart is like a rock. Since the development of SEMW, it has become a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, marketing and service. Industrial machinery is constantly developing and growing. With the construction of the new base, SEMW has taken a big step in the development process, and at the same time, it has completed the goal of rebuilding a new SEMW, and once again embarked on a new starting point and a new journey. Workers will write their own glory and dreams here, and use this as a starting point to compose a new chapter.


    Same destiny and common development, creating a new century of SEMW
    Wu Weibin, chairman of SEMW, pointed out in his speech that SEMW was founded in 1921, the same age as the party. Since the company’s restructuring 4 years ago, the company has entered a rapid development channel. After years of piling machinery product layout and product innovation, it has won national, provincial and municipal levels. Honor, the growth of SEMW is obvious to all. In 2021, an extraordinary year, SEMW must seize the opportunities of the new era, make a fuss about the company system, work hard on product research and development, and work hard in market development. Seek improvement in personal abilities. With a high-spirited attitude, we will start a new century of SEMW and create greater glories.
    SEMW is a collective that shares the same destiny and develops together. Under the leadership of the management team represented by Mr. Gong, the company strives to bring more benefits to investors and enable employees to achieve greater development. The concept of creating value is dedicated to more customers.


    The gongs and drums are noisy, the lions dance together, and the century-old work has set sail again
    Amidst the sound of gongs and drums and salutes, the ceremony came to a climax: Four leaders were Wu Weibin, Chairman of SEMW, Gong Xiugang, General Manager, Chen Genlin, Chairman of Shanghai Jinlong Co., Ltd., and Wang Jiaxiang, General Manager of Shanghai Jiajun Metal Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. The unveiling ceremony of the new intelligent manufacturing base of SEMW was held, and at the same time, the seeds of hope were planted for the new century-old development of SEMW. With the countdown to 10, all the staff shouted the slogan “Hundred Years of Shanggong, Craftsmanship and Mind “Building, peering with the party, walking with one heart”, under the common testimony and wishes of everyone, the new base of the century-old SEMW set sail again.

    Subsequently, the four leaders made the “finishing touch” for the four dancing “lions” at the scene, implying that the new intelligent manufacturing base of SEMW will be able to prosper in the future. Accompanied by the unique performances of the lion dance, the lion dance couplet and other performances, the launching ceremony of the new intelligent manufacturing base of SEMW was a complete success.

    With a new starting point and a new journey, SEMW will take the opening of the new intelligent manufacturing base as an opportunity to focus on the field of piling machinery, strive for excellence in product development and manufacturing, and provide the market and customers with more overall solutions and high-quality underground space construction service. SEMW is bound to take advantage of the trend, follow the trend, and climb new heights and create greater glories. I wish the new base of SEMW to make a lot of money and get an early harvest!

    With high energy ahead, we will show you the style of SEMW new base



    Post time: Jun-25-2021