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    The Seminar on the Technology and Application of | Ultra-Deep Water Soil Mixing Wall was successfully held in Wuhan


    On the morning of May 28, the high-profile super deep water soil mixing wall technology and application seminar in wuhan central construction design institute co., LTD., the sixth floor big conference room, industry celebrities, the wonderful report, meeting from different angles of technology research and development of super deep water soil mixing wall standard academic research and communication, aims to promote the super deep water soil mixing wall technology and innovation and development of the industry. As one of the joint organizers, Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., deeply participated in the meeting.


    The meeting is supported by the Civil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, sponsored by the Underground Space Professional Committee of Hubei Civil Construction Society and Wuhan Geotechnical Engineering Society, and jointly organized by Zhongnan Construction Design Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Participants were Yuan Nei Town, a famous expert in Wuhan and former president of provincial construction research, Zhang Xiqian, winner of the Memorial Medal of the Central Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, member of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, professor of Chongqing University, and former chief engineer of the China Construction Third Bureau, Yuan Haiqing, a professor at Wuhan University of Technology, Huang Yinshen, General Manager of Underground Space Engineering Technology Center of Zhongnan Architectural Design Institute, Gong Shugang, General Manager of Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman of the Special Committee of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, Xiang Yan, senior engineer of Hubei Provincial Academy of Hubei Engineering Examination, standing member of the Special Committee of Civil mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Branch of China Society of Civil Engineering, and vice chairman of Wuhan Society of Civil Engineering, Hu Chunlin, Secretary General and Vice Chairman of Wuhan Geotechnical Engineering Society, Many experts of Wuhan Geotechnical Engineering Society and more than 160 representatives from various research institutes, survey and design units, underground space infrastructure construction enterprises and equipment manufacturing enterprises visited the site, For new ideas, new process and new engineering cases of ultra-deep water soil mixing wall, Mutual communication, Deepen cooperation.


    The opening of the meeting, a famous expert, Wuhan, former president of provincial construction research, made a speech. In recent years, in the construction engineering, underground engineering, shore revetment engineering, dam, embankment foundation reinforcement projects, with the scale of underground space development to the large, deep, tight, complex and changeable development, but also provides a broad stage for the technology and application of ultra-deep water soil mixing wall. On this stage, the equipment manufacturing enterprises, on behalf of the equipment, broke the international technical barriers and carried out many applications of water conservancy seepage prevention wall and deep foundation pit projects in urban buildings in all parts of Wuhan, and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits. It is hoped that through today’s technical exchange seminar, the construction enterprises in the infrastructure construction industry in various regions to provide more efficient and economic construction solutions.



    Meeting around the application and discussion of thickness cement mixing wall, key technology, thickness cement mixing wall engineering technology, design and key technology, SMC technology and equipment, canal cutting cement continuous wall technology development and engineering application examples of six special reports, jointly show the space foundation construction enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises equipment technology in the field of super deep foundation pit engineering practice of the latest project achievements and engineering application technology.


    As one of the joint organizers, Wang Hanbao, Assistant General Manager of Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., was invited to the meeting, Make special report on mixing method and equipment of cement and soil wall with equal thickness, The report mainly focuses on the construction application and innovation of ultra-deep water soil mixing wall equipment engineering method in ultra-deep engineering, Focus on three series of equipment: TRD work equipment and cases, CSM work and equipment and cases, MJS work and equipment and cases, Investigate the analysis of the key technology of mixing wall and construction core advantages from the overview of equipment method, technical advantages, product technical characteristics, application scope, application engineering cases and equipment innovation, It was highly praised by the experts present.


    In 2017, Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2017. The project developed a series of construction equipment and safe and efficient energy saving and consumption reduction technologies, including milling mixing wall technology, forming systematic results covering equipment, theory, design, construction and testing. The project solves the deep groundwater control problems facing the development of deep underground space under complex geological and urban sensitive environment conditions, and is applicable to the engineering fields of water conservancy engineering, landfill pollutant isolation, deep and soft land base treatment, and its main achievements reach the international leading level. This year is the 100th anniversary of the construction of Shanghai Machinery, the company will always adhere to the concept of “professional service, create value”, always adhere to the common development with customers, as always, overcome difficulties, make use of their deep accumulation of pile machinery field, to provide professional services for the majority of customers, create greater value.



    Post time: Jun-15-2021